Gotta love those Ferengi! Re-watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine for the first time since 1999 has given me a new appreciation for the wackier side of that universe. I would have loved to be in the writers room when they came up with all these things.. “And you know what.. their women are not […]

In order to not eat as much sugar stuff I came up with the genius idea of forcing myself to making the deserts instead of just buying them. Here are two recent  quick ones that I really liked. One for the afternoon and one for the evening with netflix! 

CLARENCE IS HERE! My buddy Thomas has been doing awesome background work on a show that is now running on Cartoon Network, CLARENCE! It’s super fun and should get a prize for the design of it’s characters alone. You can watch the Pilot HERE or the first episode here. Cartoon Network continues their boss streak […]

Sketching some story ideas for a project that has been floating around in my sketchbook for a while. The witch and the messenger.

Some unused sketches for a Swedish Kid’s book, I personally really liked Sketch no 2.

I’m super busy doing freelance so forgive me posting some old things that I never posted before. Like this female in a sumo pose that was done for an article. Sexy and thought provoking!

FAN ART FRIDAY!! It totally flew by me that the show had already started and BOY is it fun. There is nothing really like it at the moment, every episode has new characters and settings and I read that their panel count is around 1500-2000 per episode. That’s a CRAZY amount of tendonitis right there! Here […]

The Batman video games are pretty awesome, not so awesome is coming home and having no cheesecake left. Poor Batman!

Tetanus Story

This is how I like to spent my Saturdays. Next update: Some bonus drawings on what happens in a hospital.

Pesto will never be the same! AND: You can get the comic HERE