It totally flew by me that the show had already started and BOY is it fun.

There is nothing really like it at the moment, every episode has new characters and settings and I read that their panel count is around 1500-2000 per episode. That’s a CRAZY amount of tendonitis right there!

Here is an  INTERVIEW with it’s creator, talking a bit about the spirit and creation of the show.

And over here are links to great artists that worked on the series:

Eddie Trigueros

Steve Lambe

Bryan Arnett

And speaking of animation..

The current TV animation climate is really interesting:

– You get “sitcoms” like Regular Show, Bob’s Burger and Gravity Falls

– Super cartoony things like Wander over Yonder

– Shows in the middle like Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Adventure Time.

Like comics, there has been a little shift to more “creator driven” things. Or at least those creators are now more visible thanks to the magic of the internet.


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