I have bad news if yoy wanted to have my children

Happy 150th birthday Canada! You brought me great things (a wife, kid, maple donuts) I like you, onwards to at least 39822 more (years and donuts, not kids)!


Got exited to work a bit more on the designs for the comic and came up with this. Now back to the hard part, fixing and tuning the story. Whew!

Super Illustrator and buddy Stephan Lomp has a new book out and its great! Its full of little jokes, details and the craziest colours! I had a small hand in helping with some flattening work when the deadline was looming and I’m amazed how big and fun the print version turned out to be! Be a […]

Illustrations for Flaunt Productions, Process

The fine folks over at Flaunt Productions made themselves a new website and asked me if I could provide some fun drawings to show who is behind all the magic they create. There was no real concept, just the loose thought of maybe trying to draw everyone on a international bank note.  There were a […]

Dragon Ball’s Boss Rabbit just chilling on the moon.

If there is a construction site, a middle aged man will stand not too far from it and watch. He can not help himself! For he is a: The construction site tourist! These fine men will stop “going to the office”, “getting something at the store” or “walking home” in order to stare at men […]

Here Comes the Neighborhood

Since I’m responsible for the baby now 1/3 of the day, I’ve started walking with the stroller through my area like a maniac. It has shown me some of the more sketchy places with folks I can only describe as “canadian white trash” (more polite and with health care compared to the US). The females […]