Here are some of my Harvey Beaks “BUILDIN” pages/panels from the current NICKELODEON MAGAZINE #9.  It has everything you like, Harvey, Techno Bear, Lego AND Body Builders!  You should buy it and read this super fun story!


This months NICKELODEON MAGAZINE features a cover AND a story by me, HOW COOL! Here is some behind the scenes footage of how the cover came to be: The cover is based on a story inside the magazine, a story where Harvey goes to a BODY BUILDING contest. So the cover had to reflect that […]

Has your day been good?WELL THEN LETS MAKE IT BETTER! Amazing Kids Comic Compilation MOOSE KID COMICS has released its second issue and its even more fun then the first! You can download it for free and take a look! Above is the page I did, its somewhat based on the comic project I have […]

Here is some of the process that went into making the PORC page that I drew for Moose Comics. For a while I was heavily into trying to make the “no outline” look work but I was never super confident that it would read in the smaller panels.  I think that look would work better […]

Comic page, sketch to ink

Some progress shots of a page for my webcomic: 1) Dirty sketchbook doodle 2) Layout sketch in Photoshop 3) Inked in Manga Studio Color and tweaking after tomorrows day of work! Thanks for looking!

Some work-in-progress of a officially unannounced comic. Can’t go wrong with a pig hiding in bushes!

Mini peek into a book cover I’m currently working on

Comic page progression: Sketch. Boring Inks. Ok Inks. Ok Inks with Color. After this is done, time to annoy the cat!

Doing Storyboards, playing Skyrim. Vampires everywhere!