2017, the year of all YEARS

Happy new year everybody! Sorry for not posting sooner, I had a couple of little comics I wanted to post but between storyboarding on HILDA and working on Dungeon Express (thedungeonexpress.tumblr.com) I’m getting a bit overwhelmed lately. So here just a little blurb before something bigger gets postet! Some warm-up doodle from HILDA: // And […]

Got exited to work a bit more on the designs for the comic and came up with this. Now back to the hard part, fixing and tuning the story. Whew!

I don’t think I ever posted these doodles.. they were some early sketches for a cartoon thingy that is sitting on the top of the TO DO shelf, silently judging me for not working on it!

Some older designs of the comic I’m working on. I ran into that thing that I know is treacherous ground, doing character design BEFORE the story is fleshed out. That never seems to work out for me.. I wonder how other people handle doing it.

Professor Layton and the Monday doodles

I really like Professor Layton. – The games are nice and easy to lend out to wife’s who normally don’t care about video games (but like puzzles) – The mood and feel of the story is light but with a slight edge of darkness. – It’s kid’s friendly without being patronizing or too focused on […]

Some development work for a project I’m working on with my buddy Sebastian Girner. And hey Tumblr, how am I supposed to upload storyboards with your dumb 10 picture restrictions? I DONT KNOW!

I keep seeing those two people around my closest grocery store. They fascinate me! I want to see how they first came up with the cart idea. I want to hear that conversation.“Honey would you mind dragging me behind you?” “Should we get you a wheel chair? "Nah, just put me into that thing over […]

Watched MONSTER’S INC before watching it’s sequel and doodled away on the sketchbook. The movie holds up! Sully, I feel was a bit stiffer animated then in the current film but the story keeps everything nice and amazing.

Here is more character design I did recently. You can never go wrong with a jello alien!

Some process and design stuff from the Kid’s book I’m working on. FUN! Also: Leo Matsuda, a Disney storyboarder (with a great blog) is having a Storyboard Class for only 20 bucks. That’s amazing! I have focused a bit on comics in recent posts and I think I want to go back to a more […]