The baby has a new power, MOVEMENT! Trash cans, dust, crusted up food on the floor all already fell victim to his wrath.  Gone are the days of “I’m going to do THIS while he stays on his back and looks at the ceiling” Now it’s just terror and “Where the hell OH NO DONT […]

The baby being an asshole!

I drew this around 4 am somewhere between feeding and changing diapers. I have gained a babillion tons more respect for every human on the planet that has procreated. It is crazy, CRAZY what happens once the baby is out. And OH BOY, my condolences to the parents that have another kid AND a baby. […]

I drew this for my ongoing webcomic, NARAKA but I felt it made sense to post it here too! Because if there is one thing the internet needs, ITS MORE BABY RELATED PICTURES! hohoho! Jeez, I’m tired.

I multiplied myself! (click for animation)