Posting them on my account as well, the automatic INSTAGRAM repost-thing only works with one picture apparently. (These are old, unused sketches that still crack me up)

Go outside, learn about the vast Canadian nature and shoot yourself in the foot. WHATS NOT TO LIKE?

Forgot to post my entry to the Amblin’ Along gallery show that happened at the Toronto’s Galdstone recently.I’m always stoked to get asked to be a part of shows like this, but the actual process of coming up with a piece is DEATH.There is something about having to focus on a single image that totally […]

This story is 93% true

Happy 150th birthday Canada! You brought me great things (a wife, kid, maple donuts) I like you, onwards to at least 39822 more (years and donuts, not kids)!

Taking some moments here and there to work on ideas for kids books. Who would not want to read something about the adventures of KIWI & SENF?Nobody, that’s who!

svga: Played some of the new Mass Effect over the weekend. Wish the new galaxy had brought some more bio diversity into the mix. Where are my 8 legged squat mates at? Talking energy mushrooms? #masseffectandromeda #videogames #procrastination #masseffect #diversity #doodles #sketchbook #sketch

I’m currently swimming in a river of stress (Storyboarding on HILDA is NO JOKE) so here are some recent DUNGEON EXPRESS pages. How delightful! You should read it if you have some time. Updating once a week is garbage for the “flow” but it hopefully be nice once there are more pages collected.Hope everyone has […]

My kid started telling us stories. JEEZ, LIGHTEN UP KID!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everybody! Hopefully with some nice time off work and even nicer chocolate!YOU EARNED IT! See you next week were I will wrack my brain to see what goes on my “best things of 2016″ list.