My nose can deadlift more then your nose!

Posting them on my account as well, the automatic INSTAGRAM repost-thing only works with one picture apparently. (These are old, unused sketches that still crack me up)

Go outside, learn about the vast Canadian nature and shoot yourself in the foot. WHATS NOT TO LIKE?

The life of normal people

Who would have thought that you have more time to play video games and draw dumb stuff when your wife watches the kid. I’m apparently too stupid for that amount of foresight.

—– —- —- —– You can show a 3 year old an Aquarium but you can’t make him look at the fish! (TCAF was great, spent wayyyy to much money, gained 398 pounds due to poor dieting and saw friends. Hope I’ll have a table again in 2018)


thedungeonexpress: It begins with lots of rain. Next week: No more rain! Dungeon Express starts! With a internet destroying GIF! Hooray!