HOLY SHIT TUMBLR, I FORGOT ABOUT YOU!Instagram is getting all the updating money, thats not fair!

This story is 93% true

The Fate of the Furious

Had “date night” on Monday and the wife surprised the world with her choice in evening entertainment: The new Fast and Furious movie.It was pretty great and here are some things the Rock did in it / will do tomorrow: The audience was also into it, especially the guy behind us. He had great reactions […]

Still underwater

HELLO! I’m still deep underwater and in the middle of HILDA so please have some sketches from my INSTAGRAM in the meantime!This is my last HILDA episode and it has been awesome BUT HOLY WOW, I need a week off and just stare at the ceiling while eating candy. And speaking of, here is a […]

My kid started telling us stories. JEEZ, LIGHTEN UP KID!


You know what’s really helpful when you are creating things?DEADLINES. So after months and months of drawing and redrawing and starting back at zero because of nitpicking, I’m going to start posting DUNGEON EXPRESS next week. Because putting stuff out there is more important then waiting for the PERFECT thing. Gonna come up with stuff […]

Too much ice cream

This ice cream got so thin at the end, it was all ice and no cream! (see also Fargo S01, most recent Summer movies)

Have you played NO MAN’S SKY? It’s a game where you can fly around the galaxy, land on undiscovered planets, meet undiscovered creatures and mine resources.MINE A LOT OF RESOURCES. Your ship needs stuff to fly, your suit needs stuff so you can breath and to make things fun, both have the inventory space of […]

HEY YOU! Remember THIS COMIC about a scary trip to the hospital? The yellow above version was Version 1.0 of that incident.  I drew it, trying a more subtle approach and was then unsure if it really hit the spot. But this way, you get the whole story. Before AND after! Amazing! (you might have […]

And the cat has never been the same since that day.