DARK SOULS 3 with fire

Started a new play through of Dark Souls 3 in anticipation of the DLC coming out later this month. Playing a Pyromancer (adequately named “Salami” ) for the first time since DS1 and its really fun until you meet a giant creature that is fire resident. That’s when the tears come out.

Have you played NO MAN’S SKY? It’s a game where you can fly around the galaxy, land on undiscovered planets, meet undiscovered creatures and mine resources.MINE A LOT OF RESOURCES. Your ship needs stuff to fly, your suit needs stuff so you can breath and to make things fun, both have the inventory space of […]

Had a “home alone” weekend and played through the amazing Dark Souls 3. Goodbye Onion Bro, we had a great time! Next up: Hyper Light Drifter!

Bro’s enjoying flowers!

Had some time over the holidays to catch up with some games and played Fallout 4, Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V. Apart from destroying fools with laser guns, silenced rifles and silver swords,ALL THREE also have you pick flowers while running around in the world. Always a great moment when you are getting […]

The internet wants new stuff and innovation until OMG IT"S ZELDA AND THERE IS A HORSE!

I’ve been watching people play Watch_Dogs via Twitch.tv and noticed how heroic the main protagonists looks at his cellphone 90% of the time.  Ubisoft is giving us the hero we deserve!

Assassins Creed sure is fun!

Played some Assassins Creed over the weekend and all I could think of were stupid jokes on practicalities. Like that shiny white Assassins outfit: Or that hood: And of course, the hidden wrist blades: