The Powerpuff Girls – Wrinklegruff Gals

Oh hey there, the episode of the Powerpuff Girls I storyboarded on is on TONIGHT (April 21st). It’s a pretty fast and funny one, all time super star MOJO is in it as well! It ended up being one of those episodes where a ton of stuff had to be cut for time but I […]

Working hard on finishing my first PowerPuff Girls Episode, so here is a doodle collaboration between me and my son. He’s got the SKILLZ! (just kidding, he sucks!, just look at this, ZERO anatomy!)

Super happy to kick off 2015 with storyboarding on The Powerpuff Girls reboot. There is nothing I’m allowed to show at this point, so here are some warm-up doodles of one of my favorite cartoon villains. Are you PUMPED? I AM PUMPED!