The awesome people at Papercutz have send me the Halloween issue of Nickelodeon Magazine that features a cover and nine Harvey Beaks comics pages by yours truly.  Above some process behind the Cover and the first page of the Comic. You should totally get it, its fun and available pretty much everywhere! (bonus excuse, disclaimer: […]

TCAF BLUES! Its so much fun talking to people, running around the crazy city, eating burgers for breakfast that I’m now, back at home in my suburb, getting the TCAF BLUES. Its feels a bit like my eardrums are numb, everything is quiet.. everything moves slower. And now its also raining! Thanks to all the […]


Hey hey, TCAF is only a couple of days away now and I’m getting exited! If you want to chat and shake hands, come by the ROTOPOL table (Table 121 on the first floor, right by the INFORMATION stand) and I’ll get you a poster/postcard combo with a drawing as well! Here is a glimpse […]

A panel through the ages. From first idea to rougher, to rough, to still very rough, to sketch, to barely legible to ALL DONE! (This is a little something for next issue of MOOSE KID COMICS) And coming up next week, TCAF! I will have a nice super fun poster/postcard combo ready, we should meet […]

I’ve been hard at work on some stuff for TCAF 2015 (and you should totally come by the ROTOPOL table!). Here are some drawings of things that will probably not get printed because it took me a while to get to the real JOKE of my idea.  I seem unable to retain the fact that […]

Some ideas for a TCAF Illustration for the Toronto Strip Show . The base concept was the CN tower as a tree house with some fun creatures around it reading comics. That itself felt medium creative and I sketches and doodled but ended up not really liking any of the designs.  C’est la vie.