2017, the year of all YEARS

Happy new year everybody! Sorry for not posting sooner, I had a couple of little comics I wanted to post but between storyboarding on HILDA and working on Dungeon Express (thedungeonexpress.tumblr.com) I’m getting a bit overwhelmed lately. So here just a little blurb before something bigger gets postet! Some warm-up doodle from HILDA: // And […]


A seedy story about procrastination!

I did some work on this show before it got moved to a different studio. Happy to see that some of our storyboard sweat stayed, the last joke in this trailer for example was boarded by moi. Looking forward to seeing the tone of the show when it comes to Netflix at the end of […]

I listened to an old The Hound of the Baskervilles radio drama and doodled some doodles to it.  I’ll turn it into something one day and THEN make the sequel, THE DUCK OF BASKERVILLES – MORE MOORE!