My buddy WILM made a Zine about “Movies’ and invited me to contribute a comic.  So I drew a trueish story about my secret past as Star Trek cosplayer that got outraged by his rank. Also crazy that we sat for more then 20hours in a theater, TWICE. Lots of funky folks (like Thomas and Nadine) […]

Here is some random stuff from the last couple of weeks. – A Star Trek comic I’m working on, having trouble making my mind up how to color it – Some layout tests for my own Comic, DUNGEON EXPRESS – WELCOME NEW BABY drawings I made for friends & family

Gotta love those Ferengi! Re-watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine for the first time since 1999 has given me a new appreciation for the wackier side of that universe. I would have loved to be in the writers room when they came up with all these things.. “And you know what.. their women are not […]