Taking some moments here and there to work on ideas for kids books. Who would not want to read something about the adventures of KIWI & SENF?Nobody, that’s who!

Only one week late!

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2017, the year of all YEARS

Happy new year everybody! Sorry for not posting sooner, I had a couple of little comics I wanted to post but between storyboarding on HILDA and working on Dungeon Express (thedungeonexpress.tumblr.com) I’m getting a bit overwhelmed lately. So here just a little blurb before something bigger gets postet! Some warm-up doodle from HILDA: // And […]

Judo at the Olympics

Watching Judo at the Olympics is my new jam.Not fully understanding the rules makes it only more interesting. Why did he get a penalty? Why did that guy get a point? What is the referee actually saying? WHO KNOWS!


After years of writing and re-writing on this project (with this character) I’m finally fed up enough to just start drawing pages. Trying to hone a perfect story without a real deadline is a great way of never committing to anything and to just treading water. So instead, I decided to just do the best […]

Instagram things

Hello Internet, here are some recent things from the Instagrams that you might have not seen – Moved to a nice place in Ottawa and finally have the patience to make myself a dork office with my old toys and things. Do you sell prints? Let me know!  – Went to the Schoolism workshop in Montreal […]

Sketchbook things, Color palette

I’m working hard on a storyboard so there is not much time to finish a blog comic right now. So here are some sketchbook pages from my INSTAGRAM Bee designs for my Graphic Novel: My son enjoying a bath: And Phil asked if I could share my color palette, so HERE IT IS Its nothing […]

Hard working left me no time for a “real” update here so have some process stuff and sketches from my INSTAGRAM account. – Sketchbook doodles of my Fallout 4 character. Shame on me for forgetting to draw his conclusion to the game – Super happy to be working on my first CLARENCE story for the fine […]

The awesome people at Papercutz have send me the Halloween issue of Nickelodeon Magazine that features a cover and nine Harvey Beaks comics pages by yours truly.  Above some process behind the Cover and the first page of the Comic. You should totally get it, its fun and available pretty much everywhere! (bonus excuse, disclaimer: […]

Been watching a playthrough of Metal Gear 4 while cleaning up Storyboards and drew some Old Snake doodles during breaks. He is really old you guys! Its actually a pretty fun game to watch thanks to its “Kojima” nature and a rough estimate of 75% cutscene cinematics.  Bring on no 5! (that I will also watch […]