Fruit Love

Have you heard about Peaches?Holy hell, they can be great! I was always a nectarine guy with no love for the fuzzy uglier brother but good person Mike Geiger showed me the way. They are full of juice AND have a fun texture. Typing this, I just realized that I drew a comic about a […]

Have you played NO MAN’S SKY? It’s a game where you can fly around the galaxy, land on undiscovered planets, meet undiscovered creatures and mine resources.MINE A LOT OF RESOURCES. Your ship needs stuff to fly, your suit needs stuff so you can breath and to make things fun, both have the inventory space of […]

Judo at the Olympics

Watching Judo at the Olympics is my new jam.Not fully understanding the rules makes it only more interesting. Why did he get a penalty? Why did that guy get a point? What is the referee actually saying? WHO KNOWS!

Here are some “world building” design sketches for “DUNGEON EXPRESS”. Doodling this kind of stuff provides a healthy warm-up in the morning OR is a good thing to do while watching the excellent 30 for 30 documentary about OJ Simpson.

Went to UFC Ottawa and hat a great time. There was no AC (holy hotness!) and the fights went on for too long (holy late hour!) but it was totally worth it for the (chanting!) fans / atmosphere alone. Above some impressions of some archetypes I saw.

Dungeon Express, progress

Hey look, its a DUNGEON EXPRESS page! From sketch, to ink, to color! Is there a Photoshop plugin that auto colors your work? I want to spend more time eating ice cream and less time coloring. Let me know!

Sketchbook things, Color palette

I’m working hard on a storyboard so there is not much time to finish a blog comic right now. So here are some sketchbook pages from my INSTAGRAM Bee designs for my Graphic Novel: My son enjoying a bath: And Phil asked if I could share my color palette, so HERE IT IS Its nothing […]