Instagram things

Hello Internet, here are some recent things from the Instagrams that you might have not seen – Moved to a nice place in Ottawa and finally have the patience to make myself a dork office with my old toys and things. Do you sell prints? Let me know!  – Went to the Schoolism workshop in Montreal […]

Here are some of my Harvey Beaks “BUILDIN” pages/panels from the current NICKELODEON MAGAZINE #9.  It has everything you like, Harvey, Techno Bear, Lego AND Body Builders!  You should buy it and read this super fun story!


This months NICKELODEON MAGAZINE features a cover AND a story by me, HOW COOL! Here is some behind the scenes footage of how the cover came to be: The cover is based on a story inside the magazine, a story where Harvey goes to a BODY BUILDING contest. So the cover had to reflect that […]

Hard working left me no time for a “real” update here so have some process stuff and sketches from my INSTAGRAM account. – Sketchbook doodles of my Fallout 4 character. Shame on me for forgetting to draw his conclusion to the game – Super happy to be working on my first CLARENCE story for the fine […]

Happy Turkey Day everybody! Hope everyone is eating good things right now, moving as little as possible while shopping online. Above are some inks from a recent HARVEY BEAKS comic. What is going on? Why is our bud Harvey so scared? What is that weird creature with SNAKE hair? Gotta pick up the HARVEY BEAKS […]

Working hard on that MOOSE KID COMICS – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL comic. And did a bonus Instagram doodle for that Candy Day that just passed. I hope everybody is still in a state of sugar coma!

The awesome people at Papercutz have send me the Halloween issue of Nickelodeon Magazine that features a cover and nine Harvey Beaks comics pages by yours truly.  Above some process behind the Cover and the first page of the Comic. You should totally get it, its fun and available pretty much everywhere! (bonus excuse, disclaimer: […]

I’ve been hard at work on some stuff for TCAF 2015 (and you should totally come by the ROTOPOL table!). Here are some drawings of things that will probably not get printed because it took me a while to get to the real JOKE of my idea.  I seem unable to retain the fact that […]

Illustrations for Flaunt Productions, Process

The fine folks over at Flaunt Productions made themselves a new website and asked me if I could provide some fun drawings to show who is behind all the magic they create. There was no real concept, just the loose thought of maybe trying to draw everyone on a international bank note.  There were a […]

How I start out with Storyboards and sometimes Comics

HERE WE GO! 1) INTENSE READING I try reading the brief SUPER HARD, making notes of things I have to get reference for and notes on questions I might have for the director/art director. One thing that took me a while to learn was that I have to write stuff out even when it’s an […]