I’m currently swimming in a river of stress (Storyboarding on HILDA is NO JOKE) so here are some recent DUNGEON EXPRESS pages. How delightful! You should read it if you have some time. Updating once a week is garbage for the “flow” but it hopefully be nice once there are more pages collected.Hope everyone has […]


thedungeonexpress: It begins with lots of rain. Next week: No more rain! Dungeon Express starts! With a internet destroying GIF! Hooray!


You know what’s really helpful when you are creating things?DEADLINES. So after months and months of drawing and redrawing and starting back at zero because of nitpicking, I’m going to start posting DUNGEON EXPRESS next week. Because putting stuff out there is more important then waiting for the PERFECT thing. Gonna come up with stuff […]


While I was busy not eating Sugar and living a MISERABLE life, MOOSE KID COMICS #3 got released!It features a ton of amazing, FREE kid friendly comics and you can download it as PDF or CBR HERE. Here is some breakdown of my DUNGEON EXPRESS page for it. SKETCH INK COLOR Moose Kid will always […]


After years of writing and re-writing on this project (with this character) I’m finally fed up enough to just start drawing pages. Trying to hone a perfect story without a real deadline is a great way of never committing to anything and to just treading water. So instead, I decided to just do the best […]

HEY EVERYBODY!  I held out on this post because I wanted to post it closer to the holidays but the MOOSE KID COMICS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is out and you can get it HERE! Amazing Guy behind it, Jamie Smart is doing even more good things in RAISING MONEY to send these comics printed to Hospitals. […]