While I was busy not eating Sugar and living a MISERABLE life, MOOSE KID COMICS #3 got released!It features a ton of amazing, FREE kid friendly comics and you can download it as PDF or CBR HERE. Here is some breakdown of my DUNGEON EXPRESS page for it. SKETCH INK COLOR Moose Kid will always […]

HEY EVERYBODY!  I held out on this post because I wanted to post it closer to the holidays but the MOOSE KID COMICS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is out and you can get it HERE! Amazing Guy behind it, Jamie Smart is doing even more good things in RAISING MONEY to send these comics printed to Hospitals. […]

Working hard on that MOOSE KID COMICS – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL comic. And did a bonus Instagram doodle for that Candy Day that just passed. I hope everybody is still in a state of sugar coma!

Has your day been good?WELL THEN LETS MAKE IT BETTER! Amazing Kids Comic Compilation MOOSE KID COMICS has released its second issue and its even more fun then the first! You can download it for free and take a look! Above is the page I did, its somewhat based on the comic project I have […]

A panel through the ages. From first idea to rougher, to rough, to still very rough, to sketch, to barely legible to ALL DONE! (This is a little something for next issue of MOOSE KID COMICS) And coming up next week, TCAF! I will have a nice super fun poster/postcard combo ready, we should meet […]

Here is some of the process that went into making the PORC page that I drew for Moose Comics. For a while I was heavily into trying to make the “no outline” look work but I was never super confident that it would read in the smaller panels.  I think that look would work better […]

MOOSE KID COMICS is totally live! If you want some fun 36 pages of totally free comic action, please take a look! You can download it, look at it in your browser and share it with your most beloved friends! Everyone will like YOU even more because you show great taste! Super happy about all […]

Countdown begins! 7 days until Moose Kid Comics launches, a new preview every day!  Follow: for more!  And thanks to Jamie Smart for pulling this all off!