Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everybody! Hopefully with some nice time off work and even nicer chocolate!YOU EARNED IT! See you next week were I will wrack my brain to see what goes on my “best things of 2016″ list.

Happy Holidays and a good trip into 2016 everybody! Hope everyone’s 2015 was awesome and if not, that it will get swept away with how good 2016 is going to be! I’m sure ISIS, Global Warming and crunchy peanut butter will finally not be a thing anymore. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! See you on the […]

Frohes Fest

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I’m getting ready to stop moving and just eat, read books, watch movies for a couple of days and I hope YOU DO TOO! This is the time of year where eating chocolate instead of bread is totally OK and I will use that as much as possible. Vegetables? NO THANKS! Gingerbread! Water? […]