ROLEMODELS! The pictures are out and you can buy a print OR TWO! Christmas is coming up and there are so many good looking drawings, it is browser crashing! “But what is the Rolemodels exhibit” you ask? WELL, it’s a gallery show by the fine folk over at Light Grey Art Lab where artists where […]

COOL TRADINGCARDS! Forget Magic,forget Dungeons and it’s Dragons, this is where it’s at! I’ve been part of the fantastic ROLEMODELS Exhibit over at Light Grey Art Lab and everything looks amazing. “The card game includes work by 99 international artists, 95 being portraits, alter-egos, your inner mage or warrior, as well as four kingdom cards, […]

Been working on a painting for the upcoming ROLEMODELS art show from the fine folks at LIGHT GREY ART LAB. My assignment was to come up with the “WATERLAND”, a breed of people that have a good connection to the water. I thought it would be fun to make them LIVE on the water and […]