Taking some moments here and there to work on ideas for kids books. Who would not want to read something about the adventures of KIWI & SENF?Nobody, that’s who!

Käpt’n Kaos und die Schoko-Aliens The biggest German publisher for kids books OETINGER has released two books I had been working on in the last years. Its super fun stuff for kids around 8, full of chocolate, aliens and dogs that help to get the plot rolling. You should totally buy it even if its […]

Here is some of the process that went into making the PORC page that I drew for Moose Comics. For a while I was heavily into trying to make the “no outline” look work but I was never super confident that it would read in the smaller panels.  I think that look would work better […]

Some unused sketches for a Swedish Kid’s book, I personally really liked Sketch no 2.

An excerpt from a kid’s book I’m working on. Nothing better then child labor to help this shoddy economy!

Porc really does not like taking out the trash. I guess chicken mom’s have no empathy due to a less developed nose.

Sketches from a new Kid’s book project. Trying to nail the wanted look, somewhere between watercolor and cutout.

Some process and design stuff from the Kid’s book I’m working on. FUN! Also: Leo Matsuda, a Disney storyboarder (with a great blog) is having a Storyboard Class for only 20 bucks. That’s amazing! I have focused a bit on comics in recent posts and I think I want to go back to a more […]

Some random stuff I have not posted before. – A business card I made for a friend and fantastic editor Sebastian Girner  – A joke about the Digital Marketplace Fair that happened last week. It was outside during a crazy, CRAZY hot day in Toronto. – Random doodles to pin down a style for a kid’s book

Early character design for a Kid’s Book. Not sure yet if I want to do Watercolor or Screentones to add volume.