Love ya Harvey!

Finished inking a new Harvey Beaks comic over the weekend and then saw all the trouble around it. C. H. Greenblatt has been the coolest person and I’m stoked that I was allowed to draw his creations. Harvey Beaks is a special show with some genuine heartfelt and quiet moments. I’m not sure what this […]


Working hard on sparkling new Comics for NICKELODEON / PAPERCUTZ / myself. – My first PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET story (IN SPACE!) written by the amazing Eric M. Esquivel and based on a cover I drew (and colored by Matt Herms) – A fresh HARVEY BEAKS! comic with the best cast in it, RANDL and […]

I got grids / Comic process

Extra cool cartoonist Phil asked me about “those grids” in my comic sketches. So why not make a post about it? ————————– Panel layout was always something I struggled with, I get really freaked out by a blank page… too many possibilities! That and the fact that I actually prefer a more rigid layout (ala […]

Here are some of my Harvey Beaks “BUILDIN” pages/panels from the current NICKELODEON MAGAZINE #9.  It has everything you like, Harvey, Techno Bear, Lego AND Body Builders!  You should buy it and read this super fun story!


This months NICKELODEON MAGAZINE features a cover AND a story by me, HOW COOL! Here is some behind the scenes footage of how the cover came to be: The cover is based on a story inside the magazine, a story where Harvey goes to a BODY BUILDING contest. So the cover had to reflect that […]

Happy Turkey Day everybody! Hope everyone is eating good things right now, moving as little as possible while shopping online. Above are some inks from a recent HARVEY BEAKS comic. What is going on? Why is our bud Harvey so scared? What is that weird creature with SNAKE hair? Gotta pick up the HARVEY BEAKS […]

The awesome people at Papercutz have send me the Halloween issue of Nickelodeon Magazine that features a cover and nine Harvey Beaks comics pages by yours truly.  Above some process behind the Cover and the first page of the Comic. You should totally get it, its fun and available pretty much everywhere! (bonus excuse, disclaimer: […]

I’ve been doing a lot of fun Comic work for the fantastic folks at Papercutz / Nickelodeon with our best bud, Harvey Beaks! This was the first cover I had done, so notice how I was unable to draw Harvey correctly in the first sketches. The mouth goes BETWEEN the eyes, sheesh! (I wrote some […]

I’ve been working on a HARVEY BEAKS project for a bit now, so here are some warm up, fan fiction doodles! Rocky Harvey Beaks needs to happen!

Alternative ending to yesterdays premiere episode of HARVEY BEAKS. Probably too dark.