thedungeonexpress: It begins with lots of rain. Next week: No more rain! Dungeon Express starts! With a internet destroying GIF! Hooray!

Went to the gym, there were cool bro’s just taking pictures of each other.

More from my New York meetup with my buddies! Who needs broads and booze when you can scroll around the internet from the comfort of your home? NOT US!

Some more boards and a rough test to see how things are flowing (click the last picture to see it animated)

Testing the flash/photoshop animation combo. Intuitive? NOT REALLY!

Gangsta pigeon knows how to deal with the cold. 

Women start behaving a bit differently once they are pregnant. This is just one of those things

Re-upload thanks to tumblr theme screwing around

Re-upload thanks to tumblr theme screwing around!