Small things

With my wife back at work (yay!) things got a bit more hectic (nay!).Having to take care of my son for more hours while also storyboarding is a hard brick wall for all the other fun things I want to work on. So here are some small bits from INSTAGRAM that I can still come […]

Taking some moments here and there to work on ideas for kids books. Who would not want to read something about the adventures of KIWI & SENF?Nobody, that’s who!

Here are some “world building” design sketches for “DUNGEON EXPRESS”. Doodling this kind of stuff provides a healthy warm-up in the morning OR is a good thing to do while watching the excellent 30 for 30 documentary about OJ Simpson.

Hard working left me no time for a “real” update here so have some process stuff and sketches from my INSTAGRAM account. – Sketchbook doodles of my Fallout 4 character. Shame on me for forgetting to draw his conclusion to the game – Super happy to be working on my first CLARENCE story for the fine […]

Working hard on that MOOSE KID COMICS – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL comic. And did a bonus Instagram doodle for that Candy Day that just passed. I hope everybody is still in a state of sugar coma!

Super happy to kick off 2015 with storyboarding on The Powerpuff Girls reboot. There is nothing I’m allowed to show at this point, so here are some warm-up doodles of one of my favorite cartoon villains. Are you PUMPED? I AM PUMPED!


Hooray 2014! Let’s all be exited and not break any chains! I’m already enjoying life thanks to Ferrero Rocher for breakfast and some new appreciation of my apartment heating (it’s minus 25 outside). Here are some warm up doodles from yesterday and today: A good year is coming, I CAN SMELL IT!

Some random stuff I have not posted before. – A business card I made for a friend and fantastic editor Sebastian Girner  – A joke about the Digital Marketplace Fair that happened last week. It was outside during a crazy, CRAZY hot day in Toronto. – Random doodles to pin down a style for a kid’s book

Christmas TV watching doodles. Not featured: Ferrero Rocher crumbs everywhere, chocolate guilt, cat on lap.

Creatures from the Sketchbook