2017, the year of all YEARS

Happy new year everybody! Sorry for not posting sooner, I had a couple of little comics I wanted to post but between storyboarding on HILDA and working on Dungeon Express (thedungeonexpress.tumblr.com) I’m getting a bit overwhelmed lately. So here just a little blurb before something bigger gets postet! Some warm-up doodle from HILDA: // And […]

DARK SOULS 3 with fire

Started a new play through of Dark Souls 3 in anticipation of the DLC coming out later this month. Playing a Pyromancer (adequately named “Salami” ) for the first time since DS1 and its really fun until you meet a giant creature that is fire resident. That’s when the tears come out.

Too much ice cream

This ice cream got so thin at the end, it was all ice and no cream! (see also Fargo S01, most recent Summer movies)


Hello Canada, its nice to be back in your -17 C embrace! Negative Nancy over here was right to doubt this perfect flight back! The kid is already getting better though and who cares about the adults.  Nice to be back Canada, I heard you got a new funky president that used to roller skate […]

Traveling with a kid is god damn hilarious, you should try it! (Email me for rates in case you dont have your own yet)

Some sketches from comics I’m working on right now. Toilets, food and babies! Everything I draw and write about seems to center around that.

I drew this around 4 am somewhere between feeding and changing diapers. I have gained a babillion tons more respect for every human on the planet that has procreated. It is crazy, CRAZY what happens once the baby is out. And OH BOY, my condolences to the parents that have another kid AND a baby. […]

I keep seeing those two people around my closest grocery store. They fascinate me! I want to see how they first came up with the cart idea. I want to hear that conversation.“Honey would you mind dragging me behind you?” “Should we get you a wheel chair? "Nah, just put me into that thing over […]

Started doodling during lunch break and turned into this after dinner. Foodbreaks and drawing, friends with benefits!

Sketches from a new Kid’s book project. Trying to nail the wanted look, somewhere between watercolor and cutout.