The Fate of the Furious

Had “date night” on Monday and the wife surprised the world with her choice in evening entertainment: The new Fast and Furious movie.It was pretty great and here are some things the Rock did in it / will do tomorrow: The audience was also into it, especially the guy behind us. He had great reactions […]

Still underwater

HELLO! I’m still deep underwater and in the middle of HILDA so please have some sketches from my INSTAGRAM in the meantime!This is my last HILDA episode and it has been awesome BUT HOLY WOW, I need a week off and just stare at the ceiling while eating candy. And speaking of, here is a […]

I’m currently swimming in a river of stress (Storyboarding on HILDA is NO JOKE) so here are some recent DUNGEON EXPRESS pages. How delightful! You should read it if you have some time. Updating once a week is garbage for the “flow” but it hopefully be nice once there are more pages collected.Hope everyone has […]

Only one week late!

                                       READ TILL YA DEAD!

My kid started telling us stories. JEEZ, LIGHTEN UP KID!


thedungeonexpress: It begins with lots of rain. Next week: No more rain! Dungeon Express starts! With a internet destroying GIF! Hooray!


You know what’s really helpful when you are creating things?DEADLINES. So after months and months of drawing and redrawing and starting back at zero because of nitpicking, I’m going to start posting DUNGEON EXPRESS next week. Because putting stuff out there is more important then waiting for the PERFECT thing. Gonna come up with stuff […]

Love ya Harvey!

Finished inking a new Harvey Beaks comic over the weekend and then saw all the trouble around it. C. H. Greenblatt has been the coolest person and I’m stoked that I was allowed to draw his creations. Harvey Beaks is a special show with some genuine heartfelt and quiet moments. I’m not sure what this […]

Recent things

I’m working on a longer story but this tumblr needed some fresh meat,so here are some bits about HALLOWEEN: SOME BODY DYSMORPHIA: SOME WORK: This storyboard nomad is soon moving to a new little island.It’s sad, its exciting.