Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everybody! Hopefully with some nice time off work and even nicer chocolate!YOU EARNED IT! See you next week were I will wrack my brain to see what goes on my “best things of 2016″ list.

HEY EVERYBODY!  I held out on this post because I wanted to post it closer to the holidays but the MOOSE KID COMICS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is out and you can get it HERE! Amazing Guy behind it, Jamie Smart is doing even more good things in RAISING MONEY to send these comics printed to Hospitals. […]

MERRY FESTIVUS! It’s getting close to the end of 2013 and what a bananas year it has been! A ton of kid’s books, a webcomic, a move to the suburbs and oh yeah, A BABY TOO! Hope everyone has a good time and is able to eat at least 2,4 times their own body weight […]

Fake plastic life

Christmas is running at me like a drunken moose. Freelance work needs to be finished, presents need to be bought and I still have no clue what to cook for all the invited guests. ALSO: AND: I had to draw that creepy kid from LES REVENANTS. If you want to watch something spooky, pretty and […]