I’m actually exited to get into the new Haruki Murakami and David Mitchell books but man… Not being able to finish FARGO or scroll through dumb internet funny will make things long in those hours between 11 and 02 am. When the internet delivers random gems like this: http://i.imgur.com/OQhX5qb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NS2boLo.gif And before I forget, how […]

No real point here.. it just seemed weird to think about it that way. I hope they at least come up with a classy batmobile for him to play with. CLASSY LIKE THIS ONE:

A polish zine had asked me to send them a “bad joke” I liked. SO I DID!

I drew this around 4 am somewhere between feeding and changing diapers. I have gained a babillion tons more respect for every human on the planet that has procreated. It is crazy, CRAZY what happens once the baby is out. And OH BOY, my condolences to the parents that have another kid AND a baby. […]

Started doodling during lunch break and turned into this after dinner. Foodbreaks and drawing, friends with benefits!

I drew this for my ongoing webcomic, NARAKA but I felt it made sense to post it here too! Because if there is one thing the internet needs, ITS MORE BABY RELATED PICTURES! hohoho! Jeez, I’m tired.

Porc really does not like taking out the trash. I guess chicken mom’s have no empathy due to a less developed nose.

Made this for my twitter background. Hipster frog, checking his messages. Let’s be TWITTER BUDDIES!

Goodbye 2012, you were cool! 2013, I think you look worse in writing but you seem like a worker! #thefuture