Hard working left me no time for a “real” update here so have some process stuff and sketches from my INSTAGRAM account. – Sketchbook doodles of my Fallout 4 character. Shame on me for forgetting to draw his conclusion to the game – Super happy to be working on my first CLARENCE story for the fine […]

Super happy to kick off 2015 with storyboarding on The Powerpuff Girls reboot. There is nothing I’m allowed to show at this point, so here are some warm-up doodles of one of my favorite cartoon villains. Are you PUMPED? I AM PUMPED!

Have you seen OVER THE GARDEN WALL?  It’s a mystery story blend with great songs, nice quiet moments and something I hope Cartoon Network will do more in the future. Mini Series work well and its great that you can buy all episodes at once on ITUNES. It mixes coming-of-age themes nicely with darker fairy […]

Here are some recent warmup doodles from a still unannounced project featuring a well known Grandpa and his buddies. More on that once that cat is allowed out of the bag. I’m also working on some personal comics but those always take time. You gotta wait for life to serve you funny slice-of-life-panels! LIKE FRESH […]

CLARENCE IS HERE! My buddy Thomas has been doing awesome background work on a show that is now running on Cartoon Network, CLARENCE! It’s super fun and should get a prize for the design of it’s characters alone. You can watch the Pilot HERE or the first episode here. Cartoon Network continues their boss streak […]

Did some stuff for an Adventure Time test