Karate dude from the gym, you are my hero!

I have bad news if yoy wanted to have my children

3 AMIGONAUTS – FULL EPISODE! Premieres Aug 5th at 8am e/p on YTV

3 AMIGONAUTS – FULL EPISODE! Premieres Aug 5th at 8am e/p on YTV 3amigonauts: Sneak peek Amigos! I worked on this show for about a year, it was the best time! Show creator Kyle Marshall is not only one of the best Storyboarders around, he also creates zip zappy shows! Also amazing work by MIKE […]

Super happy to kick off 2015 with storyboarding on The Powerpuff Girls reboot. There is nothing I’m allowed to show at this point, so here are some warm-up doodles of one of my favorite cartoon villains. Are you PUMPED? I AM PUMPED!

Have you seen OVER THE GARDEN WALL?  It’s a mystery story blend with great songs, nice quiet moments and something I hope Cartoon Network will do more in the future. Mini Series work well and its great that you can buy all episodes at once on ITUNES. It mixes coming-of-age themes nicely with darker fairy […]

I don’t think I ever posted these doodles.. they were some early sketches for a cartoon thingy that is sitting on the top of the TO DO shelf, silently judging me for not working on it!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 came out on DVD today and you should totally watch it if you are in the mood for goofy animation. It has pickles that like eating sardines (pictures above) and pretty much every food related pun imaginable. It’s also full of the kind of animation that rarely happens […]

FAN ART FRIDAY!! It totally flew by me that the show had already started and BOY is it fun. There is nothing really like it at the moment, every episode has new characters and settings and I read that their panel count is around 1500-2000 per episode. That’s a CRAZY amount of tendonitis right there! Here […]

http://vimeo.com/63374779 I made a short film! Or a storyboard animatic! Whatever it is!  Originally thought as a small comic, it went to become this. Working on the ending was super fun especially. (Source: http://vimeo.com/)

Some more boards and a rough test to see how things are flowing (click the last picture to see it animated)