HEY YOU! Remember THIS COMIC about a scary trip to the hospital? The yellow above version was Version 1.0 of that incident.  I drew it, trying a more subtle approach and was then unsure if it really hit the spot. But this way, you get the whole story. Before AND after! Amazing! (you might have […]

I don’t think I ever posted these doodles.. they were some early sketches for a cartoon thingy that is sitting on the top of the TO DO shelf, silently judging me for not working on it!

Gotta love those Ferengi! Re-watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine for the first time since 1999 has given me a new appreciation for the wackier side of that universe. I would have loved to be in the writers room when they came up with all these things.. “And you know what.. their women are not […]

Sketching some story ideas for a project that has been floating around in my sketchbook for a while. The witch and the messenger.

Stretching it out!

I have read about people having pain in their hand(s) when drawing (Craig Thompson comes to mind) but I never thought it could happen to me. UNTIL IT DID! It was bad enought to make my fingers numb and to make me have trouble holding things like frying pans and baby bottles. Googling the issue […]

Some unused sketches for a Swedish Kid’s book, I personally really liked Sketch no 2.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 came out on DVD today and you should totally watch it if you are in the mood for goofy animation. It has pickles that like eating sardines (pictures above) and pretty much every food related pun imaginable. It’s also full of the kind of animation that rarely happens […]

I’m super busy doing freelance so forgive me posting some old things that I never posted before. Like this female in a sumo pose that was done for an article. Sexy and thought provoking!


Hooray 2014! Let’s all be exited and not break any chains! I’m already enjoying life thanks to Ferrero Rocher for breakfast and some new appreciation of my apartment heating (it’s minus 25 outside). Here are some warm up doodles from yesterday and today: A good year is coming, I CAN SMELL IT!