June 14, 2017 neuerandreas

Small things

With my wife back at work (yay!) things got a bit more hectic (nay!).
Having to take care of my son for more hours while also storyboarding is a hard brick wall for all the other fun things I want to work on.

So here are some small bits from INSTAGRAM that I can still come up with:

There should be a Sponge Bob episode where a hipster food critic reviews the Krusty Krab and destroys its reputation. Mr Krabs then buys himself 5 star ratings but that gets discovered leading to a backlash only Patrick can clear up (Patrick is a super reviewer).”
Nickelodeon, call me!


E3 is in full swing and everything is alright and then they showed Mario Odyssey.
The city stuff looks crazy in an ugly fan art way but its not without its charm. And poor Luigi, no one told him what his Bro is now up to.


A recent DUNGEON EXPRESS page and work in progress


Thanks for looking and have a great week!

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