June 22, 2016 neuerandreas


Working hard on sparkling new Comics for NICKELODEON / PAPERCUTZ / myself.

– My first PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET story (IN SPACE!) written by the amazing
Eric M. Esquivel

and based on a cover I drew (and colored by Matt Herms)


– A fresh HARVEY BEAKS! comic with the best cast in it, RANDL and RANDLS MOM. Impossible not to hear Marc Maron in my head whenever RANDL says something (This one is written by David Scheidt)


Having a hard time to find the time to work on my own comic, not in the least because MY HAND IS ON FIRE from drawing 21 pages of comics plus the usual storyboarding in a week.


Gotta take a break before the fire spreads!

But here is something that got colored recently from DUNGEON EXPRESS (a comic coming near you in the year 2061)


And some design updates to the main character.
He felt a bit too “normal” before. NOW THIS GUY THOUGH.
This is a guy you follow into the fire right? THE FIRE OF FUN!

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