August 13, 2015 neuerandreas



I know as much about Football as someone knows about boxing after having watched Rocky.
It’s one of those things I tried to “get into” a couple of times, or at least to understand the rules/basic plays but it never went far.


That being said, a great interview on FRESH AIR led me to read FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (you might have heard of the MOVIE or TV SHOW) and it was super interesting, even with zero football knowledge.

It’s considered one of the best pieces of sport journalism ever published and it still has value, 20 years after its first publication thanks to mostly dealing with topics of race, school integration and the downside for education when it comes to high school / college football.

Some of the things the recent THIS AMERICAN LIFE also talked about.

So if you want a great summer read with light sports flavour and good writing,
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is highly recommended!

ps. Here is a bonus podcast, a great debate on the topic of “Ban College Football” by Intelligence Squared U.S

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